GCW: Zandigs Tournament of Survival

GCW: Zandig's Tournament of Survival / GameChangerWorld, June 3

General Admission: $25
3rd Row: $30

*1st Row & 2nd Row are SOLD OUT!*

ZANDIG presents “The Tournament of Survival”!

He has risen. After several years away from the sport he helped to revolutionize, the Ultraviolent Icon is BACK! The fans demanded it, and he has delivered. Zandig and Game Changer Wrestling are partnering to bring you the first ever “Zandig’s Tournament of Survival!” on Sunday, June 5th at 3pm at Game Changer World in Howell, NJ!

The Tournament of Survival is the rebirth of the Ultraviolent tournament that Zandig made famous. On June 5th, Zandig’s hand-picked warriors will enter a hardcore coliseum where only one man can claim supremacy and say they truly survived. This isn’t a game. It’s not a joke. Zandig is serious when he says he’s ready to take back his throne as the God of Ultraviolence and restore the legacy he left behind. On June 5th, the Spirit of Ultraviolence rises from the ashes and returns to the forefront where it belongs!

After much consideration and deliberation, the Ultraviolent Icon has narrowed down the field and chosen eight men to be a part of the first ever Tournament of Survival:

1. MASADA – The International Death Match Legend enters the field fresh off his victory at the 2015 inaugural edition of the Nick Gage Invitational, which added just another accolade to his incredible career. Masada is as always, pissed off and ready to fuck someone up. 

2. Danny Havoc – The pride and joy of ‘the unacknowledged hardcore capital of the world, Cylinder, Iowa’ enters the field considered by many as one of the very best Deathmatch competitors in the entire world. His legacy preceeds him and he looks to add another trophy to the case on June 5th. 

3. SCOT SUMMERS – The King of the Underground enters the Tournament of Survival with a chip on his shoulder. Having been disrespected by many of top promoters in wrestling, Summers is one of the most intense comptetitors in the world, and he’s coming to New Jersey on a mission and he won’t leave until he splits someone head wide open. 

4. VIKING – One of Canada’s very best, Viking has no fear. Since returning to the ring, he has been on a roll, and The Tournament of Survival is a huge opportunity for Viking to show the world that he’s not only back, but he’s better than ever. 

5. JOKER – One of the hardest hitters in the game is back. Perhaps out of challenges, Joker has taken a step back from wrestling in the last couple of years, but when Zandig calls, you pick up. Referring to Zandig as “a father figure”, Joker has decided to take up the Icon’s offer on not only making a return, but doing so in an Ultraviolent way. There will be a lot of pent up frustration and aggression waiting for whoever faces Joker in the Tournament. 

6. BRYANT WOODS – “The Suicidal Beast” has been waiting for this moment since he first entered the wrestling business. Like many, Woods has looked up to Zandig since he was just a young beast, and on June 5th, he gets the opportunity to show the world he belongs in the ring on one of Ultraviolent wrestling’s biggest stages. Look for Woods to make an impact at the Tournament of Survival. 

7. JOHN WAYNE MURDOCH – Like many others in this tournament, John Wayne Murdoch has been looking forward to this opportunity since the first time he stepped in a ring. He’s no stranger to the Deathmatch community, but on June 5th he will enter the Tournament of Survival for what will be his biggest challenge to date. Knowing what we know about JWM, he won’t back down from anything.

8. MARKUS CRANE – This warrior from the Midwest enters the Tournament of Survival as the darkhorse. Markus Crane is an accomplished competitor all over the country, and will arrive in New Jersey on June 5th motivated to take the next step by leaving an impression on the sickest, most devoted fans in the business. If you don’t know what Markus Crane is capable of now, rest assured, he is every bit as intense, and perhaps unstable as anyone else in this tournament, and plans to leave his mark on the Tournament of Survival.

First Round Matchups:


More to be revealed soon…

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